One of my many failures as a child of God in serving Him has been a pessimistic attitude of Him. On a recent youth mission trip, I had prayed for Big thing’s, Big crowds, rewarding and fruitful experiences for all who had come. But, as I approached the outreach Carnival, I found myself changing my optimistic prayer to a pessimistic prayer: “Lord please give us a few people, and don’t let my people get discouraged”. I realized afterwards what little faith I had or how I exchanged my once Big prayer for a much smaller one. Thankfully, the Lord blessed tremendously with huge crowds and huge blessings, but it did cause me to evaluate my attitude in prayer. I believe many times our pessimism in prayer severely limits the ability of a great Big God. Over and over God tells us to ask Big, and to believe Big. John 14:14, ask anything in my name. Luke 11:9 ask and it will be given. Matthew 17:20 if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. This is Christ’s message over and over again. “Ask Big”, and “Believe Big”, because the only thing that is limiting revival or an outpouring of the power of God is a Church or a pastor, or a Christian who is asking very little or unbelieving. I say it’s time for Big prayers and Big faith.