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The start of the new

by Jeff Holland

Its again the start of a new school year for many of my church, whether going to school, teachers teaching new students, or parents watching their children grow up and start a new grade. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air. Its a blessing to have the ability to push the […]

Ask Big

by Jeff Holland

One of my many failures as a child of God in serving Him has been a pessimistic attitude of Him. On a recent youth mission trip, I had prayed for Big thing’s, Big crowds, rewarding and fruitful experiences for all who had come. But, as I approached the outreach Carnival, I found myself changing my […]

We All Need Wise Council

by Jeff Holland

There is not a one of us who wants to be wise, and we never want to be thought of as unwise, but we don’t always know what it takes to be wise. 2 Chronicles 10 reveals something we can all be guilty of, which is listening to the wrong advisors. Rehoboam received word from […]

Preparing the Next Generation

by Jeff Holland

My wife’s preschool graduation was held this week, and as those little children were having a great time, and their parents looked like the paparazzi snapping pictures. I couldn’t help but to realize that those small children held the potential to accomplish just about anything. They are our greatest asset, but we also know of […]