The purpose of this blog is to possibly help people with questions, or concerns with the world we live in, and how does God fit in that picture.  I hope to raise questions, and try to answer as many questions as I can that we may be a comfort towards one another.  I hope we can use this as way to communicate in the weeks and years to come.  I look forward to sharing with you.

NOTE: Any Bible verses referenced below are linked to the Blue Letter Bible‘s NKJV for your convenience.  TRY >> John 3:16 << .

VBS Helpers Needed

by Ronnie Roper

Vacation Bible School Teachers and Helpers There are a Couple positions Available, If your available to help out and if you feel the Will of God Calling you to help. Please contact Miranda and she will fill you in on What ever is available.. Typically one night only needed between July 21st thru 25th

The start of the new

by Jeff Holland

Its again the start of a new school year for many of my church, whether going to school, teachers teaching new students, or parents watching their children grow up and start a new grade. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air. Its a blessing to have the ability to push the […]

Ask Big

by Jeff Holland

One of my many failures as a child of God in serving Him has been a pessimistic attitude of Him. On a recent youth mission trip, I had prayed for Big thing’s, Big crowds, rewarding and fruitful experiences for all who had come. But, as I approached the outreach Carnival, I found myself changing my […]

We All Need Wise Council

by Jeff Holland

There is not a one of us who wants to be wise, and we never want to be thought of as unwise, but we don’t always know what it takes to be wise. 2 Chronicles 10 reveals something we can all be guilty of, which is listening to the wrong advisors. Rehoboam received word from […]

Preparing the Next Generation

by Jeff Holland

My wife’s preschool graduation was held this week, and as those little children were having a great time, and their parents looked like the paparazzi snapping pictures. I couldn’t help but to realize that those small children held the potential to accomplish just about anything. They are our greatest asset, but we also know of […]