There is not a one of us who wants to be wise, and we never want to be thought of as unwise, but we don’t always know what it takes to be wise. 2 Chronicles 10 reveals something we can all be guilty of, which is listening to the wrong advisors. Rehoboam received word from his people that they were being heavily burdened by the policies of his father, so Rehoboam consulted the elders, and they replied with some wonderful, and very wise counsel. The problem with Rehoboam is that he rejected their advice and replaced them with his buddies, and their advice. I see a common problem with my generation in their approach to acting wise. We have a multitude of issues, and problems that we have to deal with, but we also have largely replaced council from elders, replacing it with advice from our buddies. I believe if you want to be wise, we can learn from Rehoboam, and not make the same mistake. Be wise in your life by surrounding yourself with wise people, people who have already experienced the things you are going through. Have you experienced mistakes, are things going badly? Maybe you should look at who’s advice you are taking